Pink Point

Pink Point / Homomonument Foundation / Roze Wester Festival / Drag Queen Olympics

The Homomonument attracts international visitors the whole year through. For many people all over the world the mere idea of a gay monument is quite incredible. GALA thought it appropriate to create a host at this extraordinary location. A place to drop in, have a chat and a cup of coffee, a place to find out what’s going on in the city.

Starting as a gay information stall in a converted ice -cream cart during Gay Games Amsterdam in 1998, Pink Point now has a custom designed kiosk and has grown to be a permanent fixture in Amsterdam providing free gay and lesbian info, maps and newspapers to countless visitors.

Pink Point took initiative to improve the signage to the Homomonument because the structure is easily overlooked. The designer wanted the monument to blend in with its surroundings, something it does very well; that’s also why it can subtly take up a good wack of public space in the centre of town. The downside is that a lot of people can’t find the thing, even when they’re actively looking for it.

Pink Point initiated the Schorer book “Dancing on the Homomonument” by Thijs Bartels in 2003, which records fifteen years of celebrations and demonstrations at the monument.

Pink Point published flyers that explain the design and meaning of the monument in 11 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian.

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