About GALA


GALA (Gay & Lesbian Amsterdam) is a non-profit volunteer organization.
Gala was founded in January 1992 to promote the visibility and accessibility of the gay community in Amsterdam, by organizing parties, events and other projects, both in indoor locations as well as outside on the street.

Pink Point

In 1998 GALA instigated Pink Point, the gay & lesbian information & souvenir kiosk on the Westermarkt, right next to the Homomonument.
When Amsterdam reintroduced Queen’s Day Eve in 2004 GALA created the hilarious Drag Queen Olympics: the world’s premier sporting event for drag queens and drag kings, it established the home of Jennifer Hopelezz and her outrageous ‘House of Hopelezz’. In 2007 GALA took the initiative to (re-) establish the Homomonument Foundation to initiate and coordinate the various activities at this unique site in the heart of Amsterdam.

Club Church

More recently, in 2008, GALA started up the famous Club Church in the Kerkstraat in Amsterdam.
In 2011 and 2012 Club Church won the ‘Best Fetish Club’ as well as ‘Best Gay Club’ awards in gay.nl’s prestious election!

GALA is an umbrella organization for various groups, like ‘Ladz’ sportswear boys, ‘Furball’ hairy men, as well as ‘XXXLeather’ kinky party guys.

Behind GALA

Gala only exists because of our fantastic volunteers. At the moment there are more than 80 volunteers involved! This team of volunteers are led by:
  • Wim Peeks

  • Richard Keldoulis